Friday, June 1, 2012

Skittles Infused Alcohol?

I decided to try out the infamous Skittles Infused Vodka recipe.

This recipe is from an info-graphic by Iheartmonster that floats around the web quite often.  I made a few alterations for a test run.

I followed the info-graphic for the most part, but I had no vodka.  I used everclear instead...which caused a bit of an issue.  I also used a small bag of skittles and had just enough to make to make a small batch.

You need 60 skittles of one color ( i used red and there were only 60 in the small bag) per 6 .oz of vodka ( I used everclear).

The steps:
-separate the skittles by color
-add 60 skittles to a clean and empty plastic water bottle (or another bottle)
-add 6 .oz of vodka
-shake and let the skittles completely dissolve.  (lots of shaking or let it sit over night)
-filter the brew threw a coffee filter

This only makes about 8 oz per color.  I only did red for the experiment. 

In the end,  the skittles took a very long time to dissolve because I used everclear instead of vodka.  There is a solubility issue because vodka has much more water than everclear.  It still worked and tasted great though.  I added some seltzer water to it and it made a tasty drink.  I would recommend getting a larger bag of skittles and using vodka instead of everclear like the info-graphic suggests.

Im going to start up a batch of Chianti here soon and make some more smash