One Gallon Recipes

Easy One Gallon Recipes

Here are some of my one gallon recipes that are pretty reliable.
If you have experience brewing, try tweaking and experimenting with these
Remember to sanitize and rinse everything before it touches your brew

Sammy K's Easy Hard Apple Cider:
You will need:
Sauce pan, One gallon food safe jug (preferably glass), measuring cups/spoons, wooden spoon, a funnel
Optional: airlock and rubber bung
 1 gallon of apple juice - Use 100% juice and try to avoid ultra pasteurized
 2 Cups of white sugar
 1 tsp of Champagne yeast (active dry yeast will do in a pinch, but will have an off flavor)
Put 4 Cups of the apple juice in a sauce pan and place it over low heat.
Add the sugar and stir frequently until it is completely dissolved
Remove from heat and allow to cool down a bit
Pour the apple juice and sugar mixture into your jug
Add enough of the remaining apple juice to make the jug 3/4 full or a little over
add the yeast
Cap the jug and shake well
Now you can add the airlock or leave the cap on.

  If you use a cap instead of an airlock, don't put the cap on very tight and you need to release the pressure by loosening the cap about 2x a day otherwise you could blow you jug up.  ALSO, you can use a rubber balloon as a ghetto airlock if you poke a hole at the top of the balloon with a pin before you stretch it over the jug

Let the brew sit undisturbed
If you used champagne yeast, you can drink this in about 3 1/2 to 4 weeks (try adding the syrup below for some extra flavor)
If you used active dry yeast, I recommend you rack/decant the brew after 14 days into a new jug.  Let that sit 2 more days, then add a syrup made of 1C water, 1C sugar, 1tsp cinnamon to mellow out the flavor.

Then you can bottle and pasteurize if you wish!

Sammy K's Ghetto Mead
2 1/2 to 3 lbs of honey - do your best to get raw local honey, it is the best.  otherwise, get the least processed honey you can find
Small box of raisins, (seedless, dried work fine) 
1 packet of active dry yeast  (ale yeast or bread yeast will work fine)
1 cinnamon stick
1 orange

Wash your orange well, and cut it into 8 slices and put them in your 1 gallon jug
Put the cinnamon stick in the jug
Put about 20-30 raisins in the jug (this adds some tannin, sugar, and some flavor)
Pour the honey in the jug - you may need to warm the honey in a hot water bath or add a bit of warm water to it so it pours well.
Add enough water so there is about 2 inches of space before the jug is full
Add the yeast
Shake well
Add the air lock or ballon
Put it in a dark place for 3 weeks. try not to disturb it during this time.
pour it into a new container and avoid transferring the muck and solids
Give it a few more weeks, once it is clear up, you can drink it

Sammy K's South Side Swill
24oz frozen concord grape juice concentrate (try to find 100% and non of the corn syrup shit)
4 Cups of white sugar
30 Raisins (seedless)
1 packet of active dry yeast (preferably wine yeast, but bread yeast makes this interesting)
1 balloon with hole in top center
optional: 150 or above proof grain alcohol or vodka (clear stuff only)

Thaw out the juice and put it in a 1 gallon jug
add sugar and raisins
add enough water to fill your jug 3/4 or slightly more
add yeast
Shake well until sugar is dissolved
Once fermentation is complete (about 2 days after the balloon is no longer inflated), rack into a new container.
Now you can either let it age for a few weeks, or you can add 2 cups of grain alcohol and enjoy the traditional way.

SammyK's Easy Hard Apple Cider
SammyK's Ghetto Mead
SammyK's South Side Swill

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