Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Pages and Content Coming!

I am adding new sections  with recipes to the blog!

I put a handful up on a new page that are small, easy to make batches that anyone can do with stuff around the house or a trip to the store and keep it under $10.  They aren't the most 'refined' or sophisticated brews but it is great to drink something you made yourself.  If you are new to brewing, they should be pretty straight forward.  If you are a Vet, experiment with your own tweaks and alterations.  Most of these brews get better with time too.

I'm not sure how exactly to organize the recipes.  I put them on a new page, but I can't edit the page well enough for what  I want to do, it just makes one big post.  Anyone have any ideas on how to make the recipes page more accessible/organized?


  1. You can use jump tags. You will have to manually code the links but the gist of it is have a Table of contents at the top that is a list of links. They will be a href to the same page, but with a # and a word. then you wrap each recipie in a span or div and id="somewords". Look up jump links on w3 schools.

    This link has a similar way to do it with anchor tags instead of div or span tags, scroll down to the name attribute.


    1. Awesome man, thank you! It has been a while since I've done any html so this should help out a lot

  2. its good habit to make a food at home
    east or west food made at home is best

  3. If I knew how to make it easier I'd tell you.