Thursday, August 9, 2012


The fermentation is complete and I've started to rack the experimental popcorn/malted wheat brew.  The flavors are much more subtle now (unfortunately) but it certainly has a kick.  I'm not satisfied with the taste just yet though. 

I decided to add a bit more ground cinnamon and to give it some more time to sit.  Hopefully, it will clear up some because it is still more cloudy than I want. 

I'm planning to make some gruit here soon.  Gruit is, basically, a very old style beer/ale that uses herbs other than hops to get the aroma, flavor, and bitterness that the different kinds of hops normally add.  I've done a bit of research about the herbs that were commonly used in the past, and I have some growing right now.  I need to pick some other ones up, but it sounds like it will be tasty.

I'm also planning to make a gluten free brew.  Not sure about the ingredients quite yet, but that is partially what this previous experiment was all about....using corn.  I will need to make a recipe that eliminates the malted wheat completely.  Corn and rice are two of my reasonable options.  I know that corn is often used in mash and rice has been used for thousands of years to make it is possible


  1. i would like to try this too.

  2. So what kind of herbs would be acceptable? Something tells me that throwing in a bunch of thyme and oregano would ruin the batch.

    1. The traditional herbs used are sage, mugwort, bog myrtle, yarrow, rosemary, wormwood, licorice, and heather. Most of the recipes still use some sort of malted wheat and then use small amounts of the herbs to replace the bittering hops, the aroma hops, and the flavoring hops. From what i have read, you only need a few ounces of the herbs for a 5 or 6 gallon batch.

      I think a brew could be easily overpowered with those types of herbs though.