Monday, January 23, 2012

quick update

The Kiwi Melon Pinot Grigio is clearing up nicely and should be ready to bottle later next week.  I went to the homebrew haus (my local supply store) to pick up some corks this weekend to make sure I had enough to cover all of the bottles.  I think I might move the carboy up to the counter or on top of the table a few days before it is due to be bottled, instead of on the bottling day itself.  That way if I accidentally stir up any of the settling when I move it, I won't have to wait for it to clear up again.  You don't want to bottle wine that is not clear.

The limecello is looking and smelling pretty good.  I have been gently swirling the jug around to stir the mixture up a little once a day.  The Everclear is turning pretty green and the peels are losing their color.  I should be adding the simple syrup to it on saturday or sunday.  Im pretty excited, if it tastes half as good as it smells, it will be great. 

My brother has a some wine he's brewing right now.  I think it is a cabernet savignon/merlot mix.  Hopefully we can trade some bottles when we are all finished.

The only other thing I have brewing right now is the "smash".  It needs to be bottled, or at least racked so it can clear up a tad.  I think I will be working on that tomorrow or wednesday and I will have that process uploaded.


  1. mm i want some pinot grigio sounds daankk

  2. No pictures to share with us? :(

  3. we need more pictures,etc :)) at least video haha

  4. Nice let us know how it is when its done!